Sunday 7 April 2019

I want to say yes.

One of the greatest challenges that can face an Event Safety Manager is when an organiser, vendor or other party springs a surprise addition to an event.  This can be an additional attraction, a last minute addition to a running order or any other kind you can think of.

As part of my job I have to assess this surprise and consider the consequences to other parts of the event and to the demand on my available safety resources.

There are times when I have to say no to such plans on safety grounds.  This is not something that I want to do and at times can cause further issues.  My preferred course of action is to find a way that I can say yes.

The more notice that I am given the better chance I have of saying yes and setting about mitigating any identified risks.

I don't want to have to say no and I will only ever do so as a last resort but I am quite prepared to do so.

Having said that and to be clear.  It is your event and if you insist that something is going to happen then you can overrule me.  Overruling me though has it's own consequences and risks.

I will ask you to complete paperwork to the effect that you are going ahead against my advice.  At this stage I will also leave site.  This in effect can close your event as my presence (or the presence of an Event Safety Manager) may be part of the licence or conditions of your event.

To protect against this I will usually look to agree a deadline prior to the event when everything is locked in.

I also do this as I want to say yes.  I want to work with you to put on a safe event.  I also want to continue working with you for any future events as well.

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