Saturday 9 March 2019

Keep it simple

I can spend a lot of my time thinking and planning.  Imagining different scenarios and risks and making plans to mitigate, minimise or remove them.

The challenge sometimes can be knowing when to take a moment and to not over complicate things.  Sometimes a control that is in place for one thing can also cover off other things at the same time.

The other challenge can be ensuring that your staff are clear on what they are required to do.  If your plans are not clear and simple then there is an increased risk that staff may struggle to action your plans.  

As such I will tend to keep somewhere between eighty and ninety percent of my plans to myself or just between myself and my deputy.  Not because I don't want to share it but just to keep things simple.  Although sometimes it can be because that it is now evident that a particular scenario isn't now going to come to pass and so my plan for dealing with it is no longer needed.

The plans are usually written down and form a part of the event contingency plans. 

The plans are also living documents and are reviewed and revised (if any revision is needed) on a regular basis.  This can be annually or after they are required.

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